The Journey.

Boating is, in many ways, a suitable metaphor for life. In both, there are times when the sun’s shinning and you’re cruising in calm conditions that you think’ll never end. Then there are times when—out of nowhere—the wind picks up and you’re braced, white-knuckled at the helm, fighting mightily in vain to get your bearings. In the end you hope the good days out number the bad, or at least break even. And along the way you’ll come across characters of all types and sorts. If you’re blessed, like I’ve been, the people that mean the most, your family, will stay aboard with you for as long as they can. Friends and colleagues, well, they’ll come and go.

You’ll spend some time in stunning destinations, making connections that’ll shape you in ways you never expected, and you’ll also find yourself in spots so miserable you’ll find yourself praying for the tide to change so you can leave it in your wake.

There will be times where the boat purrs like a kitten and the brightwork glistens into the eye of all those who pass it. Beautiful! Some will proclaim at the sight of her. There is always a lot of praise when you’re up on top. Then there are times where things are breaking left and right; leaks spring up from everywhere, the floorboards get rotted. You pull up the carpet and put away the fluffy pillows. Tools and drops of sweat are scatted everywhere. Frustration is high, and there’s not a soul around to help.

But you stay focused, work hard, and with a little luck smooth sailing finds you once again.

In life, as in boating, it’s important to find a partner, a first-mate of sorts that will stand by you not just in the good times, but in the bad. After all, what’s the point of embarking on an epic adventure if you have no one there to share it with?

Over the last four years, Karen has proven to be such a partner. From convincing me to buy the boat, to spending hundreds of hours sanding, packing, painting, priming and pumping out endless moral support, without her, none of this sailing adventure would be possible. I’m excited to announce that last weekend, on a picturesque afternoon in Hamburg Cove, Karen agreed to marry me and stay on this adventure for the long haul.

I feel like the luckiest guy alive and I’m extremely grateful to be on this adventure with her.

13 thoughts on “The Journey.

  1. Congratulations Dan and Karen, that is very happy news. My best wishes to you both for many beautiful days ahead on the water and ashore. Sally

    1. Hahaha, the ability to varnish was a nice added bonus! I hope we cross paths soon.

  2. So very happy that Karen agreed to “sail” with you through all of life’s adventures! You couldn’t have found a better “first mate”. She’s definitely one-of-a-kind, as are you! Smooth sailing!!

  3. So very happy that Karen will “sail” with you through everything life has to offer! You could not have chosen a better “first mate”. She is definitely one-of-a-kind, as are you! Smooth sailings!

  4. Wow, congratulations,
    I very much enjoyed reading your Journey post, it really captured the attraction, no addiction, of sailing for me. The knock-out news at the end of it has touched me. (I have never commented on a blog before!)
    You are blessed to have found both your life and cruising partner 🙂

    I wish you both fair winds and the courage to deal with those that are not!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and for the kind words, Colin. You really made my day (read:week).

  5. Congratulations Dan and Karen! What a great and happy story. And, thank you for the Sailing Stories-they make me smile at my desk.

  6. Congratulations! Happy sailing to you and Karen! Love you both, Aunt Theresa 💗💗💗

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